Harvest Dinner: A night of learning, community, local food, & makers

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We are basking in the glow of our Harvest Dinner event this weekend. It was a magical Bishop evening of community, great conversation, and local art and food. Here’s a glimpse into the evening from local photographer Sarah Attar.

Thanks to all those who helped make it happen, especially Chef Dennis Lim of Cloudripper and our extraordinary local purveyors who turned this evening into a culinary journey: Chef Meredith Schmitz of Sierra Suppers, Rachel Kulchin of Blue Heron Project, Uzumati Ceramics, Kooks Industries, Farming on a Volcano, Stubborn Dog Ceramics, Alpenglow Gardens, Down to Earth Pottery Co, The Rummage Co, Eastern Sierra Ice Cream Company, Owens Valley Distillery, Mahogany Smoked Meats, Manor Market, Eastern Sierra Cellars, and Stanton Barrett Family Wines, Cindy Meinke/Earth Food Revolution, Apple Hill Ranch, Jim Scott, Seismic Gardens, Talbot & Sons Pork, Baxter Honey, Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project, and Bishop Jazz Combo.

We’re also incredibly grateful to our wonderful presenters: Allan Pietrasanta of Sierra Business Council, River Queen Founder Jenn Whitney, Rural OZ and commercial real estate guru Hannah Kirby, and our architecture and design lead Taylor Cornell of Preen Inc

If you’re curious about the project, want to learn more about the fund, or wish to partner with us, please explore our website and reach out. We’re always excited to connect with those who share our passion for historic restoration, rural economic development, community, sustainability, local food, agriculture, and art, and the beauty of the Eastern Sierra.

And please stay tuned for more community events coming soon and join us!